media: SFX, October 2006

October SFX featuring Supernatural. Original scans by Wolfhearted at Livejournal; transcription by Kel. Please leave both credits in place when re-publishing.


Supernatural? Super scary? Super sexy? Or perhaps all three? Thomasina Gibson mixes it with the two demon-dustin’, ghost-grapplin’ Winchester boys…

The Premise
Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester fight otherworldly ghosts, goblins and monsters in hope of finding the demon that killed their mother.

Who’s In It?
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

Burning Issue
Will the Winchester boys survive their car crash and save their dad?

Inside Word
Will the series remain standalone or get more arc-oriented?
“The model for the first season and this one too is season one of The X-Files, where mythology was kept in the background and then it accelerated into arcs more towards the end of the season. Clearly, we have to pay off some stuff in the first couple episodes of this season. We are picking up exactly where we left off at the end of last season in very continuous action, in terms of what happened at the end of the season finale. We explore the fates of the Winchester boys and their dad and when that chapter closes, we’ll get right back into very clear standalone episodes. We’ll probably do the same amount of mythology as last year and not more.”

Will the Winchester boys ever get some girl-action?
“There will be a clear opportunity for one or both of the brothers to have a romantic arc this season.”

What else is new for the season?
“There will be new elements of the mythology that will broaden out the world of the show. WE have always wanted to explore the bigger world, the other hunters that are out there and the other characters that have interacted with their father. We want to see more recurring characters. We want to have the boys go somewhere and encounter someone we see again and again that is part of that region. They are going to come across a place where many of their kind hang out.”

– – – – –

Remember ITV2’s claim that “Scary just got sexy”? Meet the men responsible–Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, alias estrogen-tickling demon slayers Sam and Dean Winchester in TV frightfest Supernatural. They bundle into the room like overgrown puppies, their sparring and mutual support echoing the sibling relationship of the Winchester boys. Seems scary just got tardy, too–they’re 20 minutes late and they apologize profusely…

JA “We’re late because he [indicated Padalecki] partied hard last night and apparently fell asleep in the shower.”
JP “I couldn’t attend an interview without having a shower.”
JA “Sure… but you’re always in there for hours. What do you do in there?”
JP “There’s a lot of me to wash, okay?”

Obvious question: Have either of you ever experienced any kind of supernatural occurence?
JA “I’ve always said that I’m more of a realist, so I like to believe that there is a logical or scientific explanation for that kind of thing. Though now, after doing a year of the show, I don’t know. There are a lot of questions in my mind about a lot of that stuff.”
JP “Same for me. I’ve had weird experiences where you go, ‘There’s not an explanation for…’ ‘That couldn’t have been…’ ‘Yeah, it’s probably just the movement of the wind…’ I’ve a buddy who’s just a typical Texan dude. Kinda like laid-back, low-key, doesn’t want to show weakness and I remember one time he showed up knocking at my door at like two in the morning and he was like, ‘Dude! My place is haunted. Can I sleep here?’ Two weeks later he was like, ‘Okay, I think I’m going to try and go back now. He was spooked. He was really spooked. He was feeling a dog licking him and he heard a woman’s voice and he got really good. I’ve never seen somebody so spooked. He was completely vulnerable and terrified.”
JA “I think just working with the show… learning what all this stuff means… like cold spots or certain electromagnetic waves or the crackling noises, the dimming lights and stuff like that that we do on a daily basis. This is stuff that’s researched by the writers so now, when you’re in a hotel room and it gets really cold and the lights start flickering it’s like ‘Awwwrightie! Where’s my salt gun when I need it?”
JP “Oh this reminds me, I was actually sitting in my house with my mother and my father in Texas and there was a big thunderstorm outside and we were inside and the lights flickered for a second… And I found myself, and this is really embarrassing, I found myself going [assumes a deep, whispery voice], ‘The Demon.’ And of course they watch the show, and they looked at me and I went, ‘Oh no! I need a vacation or something to clear my head.’ It’s way too ingrained in my head.”
JA “Yeah, you need a break, man.”

You’ve been subjected to lots of freakish things on Supernatural, from creepie-crawlies to a living scarecrow. What would actually terrify you in real life?

JP (Laughing lots) “I think I can safely say pretty much anything across the board on Supernatural would terrify the heck out of me. I mean, maybe the least terrifying thing would be bugs, because then I could just shoo ’em off and go, ‘Oh, it’s a roach or something…'”
JA Everything we deal with is obviously make-believe or it’s computer graphics or a stunt guy in a costume. We know that the reality of it is not real but with the episode ‘Bugs’–that was 100% real. We were in a room this size–we’re in your bog standard two-bedroom semi-sized room–filled with 60,000 live bees with stingers and were not in bee gear.”
JA “All the camera guys and the sound guys–they were in full beekeeper outfits and they were like, ‘Okay Jensen, Jared, it’s time for you guys to come on in. And we walked in in just street clothes. There was no make-believe with that.”
JP “I remember the bee wrangler was telling us, ‘Oh, they’re really laid-back, they’re drone bees, they’re real casual…'”
JA “They’re not aggressive…”
JP “…they’re not aggressive at all, just don’t hit ’em.’ But our characters are swatting them away… So we’re like, ‘We just swat the bees?’ And they’re like, ‘Well, just kind of wave your arms about…’ And I’m like, ‘When they call action, I’m not going to be waving my arms about like a ballet dancer. I’m gonna freak out and hit ’em and swat ’em and try to get them away… it was funny how the bee wrangler’s story changed from when we were rehearsing up to the point of filming, because on the actual day of filming he was like, ‘Oh, they’re getting angry, they’re er, they’re being vacuumed too much.’ Because, they’d shoot and then guy would vacuum them back into their little box and then they’d do it again. I mean, I’d be pissed off, man. I’d be like, ‘Don’t vacuum me. I’m ticked. I wanna sting somebody…'”
JA “They lay this big tarpaulin down and they have these boxes of thousands of bees and they pop it and they all fall on this tarp and then the two bee wrangers would shake this tarp and they would slowly start to rise up in the air. Jared and I were just sitting there and I can’t remember the last time I actually tasted adrenaline in my mouth but my heart was pounding and I was like…”
JP “…Fuck it, I can taste it. I’m going to do something else.”

Have you ever thought, ‘Am I getting paid enough?’
JA [Huge shout of laughter] “We’re never getting paid enough!”
JP “We do not get paid enough at all. Sometimes we joke with the stunt coordinators when we get a bruise on our hip or something like that. We go, ‘Do we get a stunt raise for that? Do we get a stunt bump to our pay?’ But I think that one of the reasons the producers hired us was because they knew that we could take the physical demands of the job.”
JA “We knew that aside from being a time consuming show, Supernatural was definitely a physically demanding show so before we started the first season we actually spent about six weeks in the gym every day preparing ourselves for what we were going to do. Things like boxing lessons and kick boxing and training and stuff like that. Just getting our bodies in shape for what was to come. It paid off. I mean, we’re still walking fine after season one…”
JP “Let’s hope we’re still walking fine after season two.”
JA “Sure, you get in the shower and you’re like, [ hisses convincingly ] ‘What is that?‘ and you find you’ve got a bruise you didn’t notice or a cut in your back but we both grew up playing sports so we’re definitely used to coming home a little banged up.”
JP “Oh, I dunno. Me personally, I thought I was going to be a pretty actor boy and not get beat up any more…”

Why do you think Supernatural has really taken off?
JA [points to Padalecki] “Probably him…”
JP “…probably me! Seriously, I think it’s a fun escape. I think it’s fun to get an adrenaline rush.”
JA “Also, I think people are responding to recent years of feature films of the horror genre. I think people like to go to a dark theatre and want to be spooked. It’s just another one of those adrenaline-inducing things, like you love to laugh and love to cry and love to get scared and I think ours is the only show that actually offers all that. There are lots of other mysterious shows that leave you wondering and leave you kind of spooked out but nothing comes at you and scares you [punches a fist into his palm — Padalecki responds with snoring] …or makes you fall asleep. So that separates us from the other shows that are in that kind of genre and that’s why we encourage people to watch it with the lights off.

Do you fancy being in Supernatural for the next ten years, like Mulder and Scully?
JA “Us, the next Mulder and Scully–Wow!”
JP “Who gets to be Scully?”
JA “Well, I’d have to be Mulder.”
JP “I wouldn’t mind putting on a wig.”
JA “Nah! I’m not sure about the wig, but if we can taste a little bit of their success and longevity, that’d be awesome.”

What’s your wish for the second season of the show?
JA “Just get into it and try things to see what works and what doesn’t. Season one told us a lot and gave us a lot of information so come season two we should run full steam the whole way.”
JP “I want to keep it really scary. I want us to do everything we possibly can to keep it scary.”
JA “Take it to the next level.”
JP “I’ll have to watch it from behind my hands.”
SFX — end


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  1. Cool article, funny as we supected and great they are like real brothers so that makes it even cooler.

  2. Yeah, there were several times when I was transcribing it that I had to stop and laugh out loud, because they were both so funny and so brotherly it was perfect!

  3. They sound so cute together. This is soo my example of a primary source for world history!!!!
    Don’t even ask šŸ™‚

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