media: DVD Monthly interview, August 2006

Interview with UK magazine DVD Monthly. Original article scans located at, and text transcribed by Kelex for use at Supernatural Television. If you’re copying this for use on another site, please make sure all links and credits stay intact, either at the beginning or end of the page.


One of them was making a name for himself on Smallville while the other was famous for Gilmore Girls, however Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were undoubtedly playing second fiddle in both shows. This year they’ve had the chance to show the world what they’ve got, playing the co-leads in TV’s hottest new horror series, Supernatural. Men want to be them and women want to sleep with them, but it’s been hard work to achieve that status, as we found out when we caught up with Jared and Jensen for an exclusive chat, just after they’d finished filming their first season.

Do you think that your characters on Supernatural are complementary?
JARED PADALECKI: I think that the main two characters, obviously Sam and Dean, are. We are the only two series regulars in the show and I think the writers have tried to base a lot on our chemistry and, like, on our relationship with each other and it has been really great because when we signed on to do this scary horror show, there was obviously a risk of it becoming about special effects and about the monsters. They really kept it on our hands, which I really appreciated and it was a great vote of confidence from [creator] Eric Kripke and others to say to us, “Listen, guys, we are putting it on your shoulders, here you go.” You know, it has been a ton of work being the only two series regulars and we have only had two recurring guest stars.

JENSEN ACKLES: Yeah, that is what the show really needed to base itself on as opposed to just being special effects or just being make-up and costumes and the monsters and stuff. That is definitely a major part of it, but to base it around the chemistry between the two characters and their trials and tribulations. That is definitely what kind of anchors the show and they have given us a lot of ability to be able to do that. That is really good.

Is there any feeling of brotherhood outside of the show?
JARED PADALECKI: I think we had no choice at first. With 16 to 18-hour days spent with each other, you know, you get close fast and I think we became buddies quicker than I have ever become buddies with anybody, other than my brothers possibly, because I was living in the same house with them. So it is definitely sort of that relationship and I’ve definitely gone through a lot of things this first season, you know, as far as getting stressed about this or troubled about that, and the first face I usually see is Jensen’s happy ass. So I have definitely shared some things with him.

JENSEN ACKLES: We kind of got thrown in the ditch together. It was like a make or break type of thing. He and I just knew that we had a daunting job to do and we kind of pulled together and knew that were going to need the support system of each other and it just worked out really well. I think he and I would both agree that we feel very fortunate to have the relationship that we have, both on and off screen, because it is a rarity in this business, you know, to find someone that you enjoy working with and that you can work well with and kind of make shit better in your work and stuff like that. I know that the writers and the producers and everyone that we work with definitely values that as well as much as we do.

How does it feel to be compared to The X-Files?
JARED PADALECKI: That was a great show.

JENSEN ACKLES: A highly successful show.

JARED PADALECKI: Ten seasons and a movie? I’ll take it.

JENSEN ACKLES: We shoot in Vancouver, which is where X-Files shot for the first five seasons. So we’ve got a lot of producers and crew members that were very much a part of that show as well, and I think we feel very, very fortunate to have them, because they know this genre of TV making and they know how to do it and how to do it successfully.

JARED PADALECKI: I was a fan of The X-Files. So, you know, it is a huge flattery.

Are you guys superstitious in any way? Do you believe in ghosts?
JARED PADALECKI: I am more superstitious than I am scared of the paranormal or supernatural.


JARED PADALECKI: I think I am more likely to, you know, I don’t know why this is, but when you’re driving under a yellow light or a red light and you kiss your finger. I don’t know why I do that. I don’t know. I know I’ve seen other people do it before and for some reason I do it now under yellow lights and when I get on the plane and I don’t know why, but I do it. But I’m not superstitious about the classics like a black cat or a broken mirror.

JENSEN ACKLES: It is more like, you know, don’t change your socks or something. I grew up in sports and it was like when I am playing football or playing baseball, it’s like–if you are on a winning streak, don’t change anything.


JENSEN ACKLES: Don’t shave, don’t change your socks.

JARED PADALECKI: This is why I don’t shower until the end of the year.

JENSEN ACKLES: Until the end of the season.

JARED PADALECKI: It is a great excuse.

Do you have any clues you can give us about the next season?
JENSEN ACKLES: I don’t know anything. They haven’t told us anything. We asked them the same question, ‘them’ being the writers and the producers and stuff, and I know that they’ve got some sort of, you know, kind of arced storyline that they are kind of…

JARED PADALECKI: Really excited about.

JENSEN ACKLES: That they’re just thrilled about. They keep going, “Just wait!” and we’re like, “Tell us something.” They are like, “No, no.” They probably know that we’re going to get asked quite often and they’re like, “No, we don’t even trust you guys with the information.” So they don’t tell us anything.



JARED PADALECKI: I remember at the beginning of the season it was sort of, not frustrating, but I wanted to know everything. I was like, cool, you know, I get to be the co-lead in a show. I wonder what is going to happen. I wonder if we are going to sit behind closed doors and people are going to argue and throw things at each other about this episode or that episode, and it’s just, I mean, we don’t have time to, especially because we are in Vancouver and the writers and the whole group is down in LA for the most part, so we don’t really get to show up and say, “Hey guys, what’s going on? What’s going on in the next episode?” We are so busy that it has become sort of comforting to not know what is going on next. Part of me thinks that Kripke is doing it because that is what our characters are doing. We have no idea what is going to happen next. We have no idea until basically the first day of the episode, or, you know, until Sam and Dean read the newspaper and find something strange. So I think it has kind of kept our characters real by default.

JENSEN ACKLES: We get to read the script of the next episode…

JARED PADALECKI: The day before.

JENSEN ACKLES: Two, three days max before we start filming. So we don’t have a lot of time to dwell on what’s going to happen. It’s like, this is what we’re doing; all right, here we go.

Jared, did you get to audition for Superman?
JARED PADALECKI: I did. I actually did it while shooting House of Wax. I came back from Australia and put on the Superman suit and tried to sneak a picture and did the whole testing bit and then McG [the then-director of Superman] dropped out. But, through that I met McG, whose show I’m now on. So it was…

JENSEN ACKLES: Very in-house.

How far along were you in the process?
JARED PADALECKI: I signed the contract saying, “If we choose you, you know, get ready to go to Australia for ten months to shoot,” because I was there shooting House of Wax. They weren’t going to let you read the script or put on the suit until you signed on the dotted line saying, “If we say it’s you tomorrow, then start working out.”

JOURNALIST: Your life is ours.

JARED PADALECKI: Right, right.

Did you enjoy working on Smallville and Gilmore Girls, respectively?
JENSEN ACKLES: Well, Smallville is shot up in Vancouver, so our stages are like, less than a mile away from each other. So, you know, I see Tom quite a bit, and Michael Rosenbaum, and that whole cast. So I’d say the best thing that came out of that is that they yanked me off it and put me on this show; the same way with Gilmore Girls for him. It was all a network type of thing. They said, “Okay, we’ve got this show,” and the producers knew us and the director, David Nutter, who directed the pilot, knew Jared and I very well, and we were already on the WB network, so they were like, “Perfect, let’s make it work. You guys write him out of Smallville and you guys write him out of Gilmore Girls, put them on this one, send them on their way.” So in that aspect it was a great experience.

JARED PADALECKI: I know that for me, Gilmore Girls was probably different than Jensen’s Smallville, because he had done a lot of television and other work before then, and Gilmore Girls was really my first thing. So I really grew up on Gilmore Girls. I was 17 years old when I shot my first episode, and I then shot a total of like, 80 or something; something absurd, you know. I remember that is sort of when I grew up. I feel like I really grew up and I owe being on Supernatural to being on Gilmore Girls. So I am really thankful for that experience.

What is your favourite Season 1 episode?
JENSEN ACKLES: I have to say the finale. I thought that was awesome. I think, you know, the season kept going uphill and just the quality of the stories, and you know, kept getting a little bit better.

JENSEN ACKLES: And so by the end of the season I think that Eric nailed it with that season finale and Kim Manners, who directed it, he’s a huge X-Files guy. He came in, you know, guns blazing for that episode and he called me after it aired and he was just like, I think he said it was the best television show he’s ever directed. He was like, “I’m more proud of that episode of television than any other episode I’ve ever directed.” For him to say that, I was just like…

JARED PADALECKI: Yeah, it was huge.

JENSEN ACKLES: It was probably one of the first episodes that I have actually been happy with the way his and our stuff went and been overcritical.

JARED PADALECKI: Another thing that I loved about the finale was that, you know, throughout the hear everything was different, episode to episode, and I love that there was a through-line in the last three episodes and especially in the last two episodes. I loved that you had more of a chance to build. With the finale, we had basically, you know, 120 minutes. I just really liked having a longer time to tell that particular story.

JENSEN ACKLES: You know, after doing a season like that, nine months of shooting, it’s like running a marathon. So Jared and I are exhausted, and the whole crew has been worked to death for nine months. To come to the end of that and shoot an episode like we did, it was like we knew we were coming up on that last mile in a marathon and it was just like, “All right, guys, let’s give it everything we’ve got. We’re going full blow on this one, let’s do it,” and everybody did. It was exhausting, and it was emotional, and it was rewarding, all in the same breath.

— end


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  2. This was a great interview, these are great young actors, that we want to see a long tome on TV.
    Do they have any emails?

  3. That is great!
    So good to read about their thoughts on the show.
    Can’t wait to read another one!
    Great show! Great Actors! What more can a girl ask for… 🙂

  4. Hi this was great:) I love the show supernatural:) Jensen Ackles is my favorite acter. Jensen i love you

  5. Hi i just love the show supernatural:) it’s my favorite show:) Jensen Ackles is my favorite acter

  6. LOVEEEEEEE YOU JENSENNNNNNN YOU are sooo pretty and sooo sexyy lovee you 4EVAAAAAAAHHHH::D:D:D

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