Did you know P. Diddy is Afraid of his TV?

I’m sure that by now, you’ve all heard of the dust-up between Supernatural fans and P. Diddy. If you haven’t, visit Buddy TV’s article for a nice sum-up of events.

Reader’s Digest version: Supernatural fans used the trending topics feature of Twitter to tweet #LuciferIsComing and #Supernatural into the top tier of topics to promote the season premiere, “Lucifer Rising.” P. Diddy apparently thought Satanists were taking over Twitter and tweeted back to rally “God’s Army” and Twitter pulled the #LuciferIsRising hashtag.

Enter Misha Collins, the quirky actor who plays Castiel. He has challenged P. Diddy, and is encouraging his minions to tweet that challenge this coming Thursday.

Enter Little McKay and the most brilliant YouTube Video ever:

Make sure to click the video for details of the upcoming battle. If you aren’t already on Twitter join now, and help us propel Supernatural back to the top of trending topics.


3 Responses to “Did you know P. Diddy is Afraid of his TV?”

  1. You like Dean?
    You like Sam?
    Well the you must definitely like PIE TOO RITE?!

    Check out http://spnmustpie.blogspot.com/ for the latest info about anything SPN ! 😉

  2. well i dont blog much or give opinions much.. but sam & Dean, well thet i just think u should keep going!!! Its my supernatural and horror that keeps people thinking im crazy.. but far b it from me i just got a thing for guys that acked like DICKS!!! no i know i just love badboys and jenson is quite far the best at that !!!!.. so in closing dont stop what u do …. and i know u will never get this… someone always paid to thier job … but just think about it just try to connect with diffrent kind of people .. u never know who could turn out to be a good friend… just to B>S with .. trust me they dont know who u could . and i hope you marriage is well. actors always whare thier ring on the right…. i do my stuff. .. but if im wrong about anything ( mostly not) just keep there. ive spent my life loving the supernatural.. or the idea of since mom died.. so please enjoy your charmed life. dont take advantage of it…. Tell Jarend hes a damn fine actor!!! and thats all folks…..Sherri (fan)

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