TV Guide (And Fans) Are Thankful For The Winchesters

In honor of the American Thanksgiving, coming up in only a few short days, TV Guide has posted their photo gallery of “TV Characters We’re Thankful For.” The CW made out well on the list, seeing as how the point of the gallery is “Before Turkey Day, take a moment to admire the sexy stars who make watching TV such a pleasure.”

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, image courtesy of TV Guide

This pair of brooding brothers are ruggedly handsome, but what sets them apart is their continual willingness to battle all sorts of ridiculous baddies. Everyone loves a hero, right?, image courtesy of TV Guide

Sam and Dean Winchester made the list at 17 of 19, while three other CW shows–Smallville, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girls also made the list at 3, 2, and 15.

Find the whole gallery here


One Response to “TV Guide (And Fans) Are Thankful For The Winchesters”

  1. Look this is not the sort of thing i do but i know they will never get it and some mystery person is checkin all the maol. But i just want to say u,2 work great . and also the first time i ever heard the name kripke eas in the terminater 3. That name just stuck in my head and i gotta tell u hes great. so keep the good work. just bought the 1st season and noe tnt is starting all over … i hate that !!!!!

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