Supernatural Showing Ratings Gains; All Others Showing Losses

Andreas @ LJ)

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star in Supernatural (photo credit: Andreas @ LJ)

Supernatural fans, rejoice. Looks like all of our hard work has been paying off. According to a recent SyFy Portal article, out of the five “genre” shows that have returned to network television, Supernatural is the only one to post a gain.

The five shows that have returned are Supernatural, fellow CW entry Smallville, ABC’s Pushing Daisies and NBC’s double entry of Heroes and Chuck.

According to the Nielsen Media numbers, Supernatural has gained 16% more viewership over the past ten weeks, whereas the other shows have dropped. Pushing Daisies has been hit hardest, losing almost 37% of its audience. Supernatural companion show, the long-in-the-tooth superhero drama Smallville, has dropped nearly 10% of its audience.

SOURCE; photo credit: Andreas @ LJ


One Response to “Supernatural Showing Ratings Gains; All Others Showing Losses”

  1. Supernatural may be kind of scary but it’s awesome…. Unlike other shows this one has humor too which I love ..for example in the Christmas episode where dean restrains from cursing even though he was right to curse at her in a way and then he says u fudging touch me again I’ll fudging kill you… So priceless … I would just want some more humor and maybe a little more sadness…but it doesn’t matter what my opinion is … No matter what they decide to do with the show I’m sure I’ll still be watchin… Keep up the fantastic work… And it’s a good thing that they tell you about hell and get the message out of what it’s like.

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