You Can’t Get More Mainstream Than This

In terms of publicity and getting noticed, Supernatural has always been the underdog. But, going into it’s fourth year now, that might be about to change.

Entertainment magazines like TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly do pretty fair online coverage, with rare print blurbs to supplement it. Newspaper coverage is equally as rare, but newspaper blogs have occasionally highlighted the show and everything it has to offer.

Now, though, other outlets are finally getting into the party. Namely, The New York Post. The Post‘s title, Hell-Oween, is a sly reference to the upcoming Halloween episode, but the article itself is a brief rundown of what makes Supernatural so popular, a quote or three from series lead Jared Padalecki, and even a few nudges at the CW for ignoring the show. (“On the network that has this year been pushing two teen soap operas – “Gossip Girl” and “90210” – hard enough to break a wrist, “Supernatural” is the show that has attracted perhaps the most fanatical fans.” is my favorite.)

Commenting the article requires registration or logging in, but it just might be worth it to show that Supernatural fans appreciate the coverage and to encourage others that the show is worth a little attention.

Source: The New York Post: “In Time for Trick or Treat, Supernatural Sinks Its Fangs Into God Vs. The Devil”


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