Eric Kripke Addresses Fan Concerns

And no, it’s not about the controversy you’re thinking of.

Apparently, Mr. Kripke finds it necessary to reassure the world that Dean is not a dick.

Like we didn’t already know that. How about addressing the BIG controversies, Mr. Kripke? Like what’s going on with Sam and Ruby, if they’re doing the nasty, and why he’s been shoved to the back burner for two whole seasons now?

But, I won’t complain. At least he’s letting us know that he’s listening! All in all, the Krip still gets a thumbs-up from me!

Notice: link contains spoilers for the recent episode “Yellow Fever”

Source: The TV Addict


2 Responses to “Eric Kripke Addresses Fan Concerns”

  1. Hopefully he will read the responses to his statement over at the tv addict.
    I am inspired by all the comments in support of Sam and the lack of brothers (yours included).

  2. I hope so, too. Buddy TV also has a very spirited discussion of that same statement, and really, this just highlights a *bigger* problem, and that is the fact that far too many people–television execs and writers like Eric–are reading Television Without Pity, which is a terribly biased and sometimes bitter and vitriolic site. And they’re taking what they read at one site and believing it to be the wide opinion, when it’s not. Kripke, at least, admits to “hopscotching” around and taking a consensus, but if he is, I don’t know where he’s looking. While I wouldn’t suggest anywhere like Livejournal for anyone, I would suggest that Mr. Kripke or anyone else who’s interested in a consensus check sites like BuddyTV, or, or even TV Guide article comments, for a real cross-section of what’s going on in the fandom.

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