Mitch Pileggi as a grandfather… who knew?

Actor Mitch Pileggi, probably best known as Assistant Director Walter Skinner of Chris Carter’s X-Files franchise, has worked on the WB (the W half of the now-merged CW) before. You might recall he co-starred with Lucy Lawless and Travis Fimmel in the short-lived series Tarzan.

What you might not know? Supernatural mastermind Eric Kripke was the power behind that show, and Pileggi credits that with his role on Thursday’s episode, “In The Beginning.”

The full article at TV Guide contains a few vague spoilers for that episode.

“I had worked with Eric Kripke on another series some years ago. He told me he had been looking for something for me to do on the show, but he wanted to wait for the right role. This came up, they called me, and there was no hesitation,” Pileggi tells TV Guide. And that’s not all; Pileggi is filled with enthusiasm for the show. “This show is definitely smart,” he adds. “But honestly, what draws me to any show that I do, these days especially, is if the role is something that is going to challenge me, that is interesting to me, and is something I haven’t played before. The main thing that drew me to this was the fact that the people working on it, from the crew and production, are people I worked with on The X-Files. I had a lot of “old family” working on the show. When they sent me a couple episodes, I actually called Eric and said, “Why have I not been watching this show?!” I think it’s really good, and the guys on it are wonderful. It’s a great cast, great stories, and it looks absolutely wonderful.”


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