Supernatural’s New Angelic Face

Misha Collins, the handsome actor putting a face on Castiel, Dean’s angelic rescuer, says he feels right at home on the Supernatural set. In an interview with BuddyTV’s Don Williams, Collins confirms every story we’ve heard so far about how great Jared and Jensen are to work with, and the family feel on the set. He also gives a few vague spoilers about the future of Castiel and the Winchesters, and who else we might be seeing this season.

Complete Interview with MP3 and Transcript


3 Responses to “Supernatural’s New Angelic Face”

  1. If the show turns into some kind of Left Behind type of bullshit I’m through watching.

  2. I’m about halfway with you on that. So far, they’re walking that fine line (for me, anyway) of angels as mythical beings related to the Christian God, rather than, 700-Clubbing OMG ANGELS AND GOD LOVE YOU DEAN! (although, really, it’s getting closer and closer to that, kind of like circling a drain.) However, I’m really interested to see some of this season’s stand-alones (like the upcoming one) to see how it’s referenced when it’s not the center of attention as it is in a mytharc episode. I think how that’s handled is going to be the straw that breaks this camel’s back.

  3. There are many people interesting this series “Supernatural”. My brother and me really love this because there are awesome every episodes. The main character is the brother like my brother and me but I’m a girl. We like different person and a lot of things that we love this.
    First, my brother likes Sam because he is younger brother like him and he chooses the way that makes him to be the demon, stronger than his older brother. For me, I love Dean because he always funny, smile and I think this character is suitable with him very much. Second, the story is about Christianity, angel and demon. We like when they fight with the demons. Finally, the person that my brother and I like the same is Castiel, who is Dean’s angelic rescuer, he come to support Dean for fighting with his brother and other devils. However, the last season I was really shock with Dean because I thought we have lost Dean but this season makes me surprise!!! Nothing to say! I try to tell my friends to watch “Supernatural”. It’s very awesome that I need to tell you.

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