Eric Kripke Q&A From Salute To Supernatural Convention

Thanks to the people at Eclipse Magazine, we are getting a verbatim transcript of showrunner Eric Kripke’s Q&A period at the “Salute to Supernatural” convention.

Part One was released today; Part Two will be released tomorrow, and Part Three on Sunday.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three


3 Responses to “Eric Kripke Q&A From Salute To Supernatural Convention”

  1. Why did you have to go and change everything the show was so awesome before you changed it? The first three season’s were AWESOME and now NOT I will not buy season five!

  2. Hi, Amber. Believe me, I feel the same way that you do about last season, actually, but I was surprised! I feel like this coming season will disappoint and please everyone, though, because we’re only a few episodes in! Please don’t judge the new season too harshly before it begins. Every show has to grow, and while I may not be thrilled with the direction either, I think Eric’s proven that he’s got what it takes to make it work!

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