Eric Kripke Q&A on

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke gives TV Guide readers a chance to ask him some questions about the remaining season 3 episodes, and what’s in store for season four.

Supernatural returns to the CW this Thursday (April 24th) with an all new episode, “Ghostfacers.”

There are vague spoilers in the interview, including spoilers for the season three finale, so read at your own risk!

Supernatural Returns: Burning Questions Answered!


2 Responses to “Eric Kripke Q&A on”

  1. im duffy i love the show and the winchester boys supernatural so cool i watch every thursday i love the ruby she hotttttttt? lol make more season until 8 or 9 season lol u killed ruby whyyyy
    she could still saved dean lol sam s i what him to turn evil in season 4 and help dean in hell
    sam the best actor lol i hope u guys make a epiosode in henderson NV i live there id like to watch a epiosode with u guys here”

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