“Jus In Bello” Scores Season-High Numbers

Last night’s airing of Jus In Bello, the last new offering until April, scored season-high numbers across the board.

According to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, the episode scored 3.22 million viewers (the show *averages* three million or under), and topped the previous episode high in males 18-34, which is the show’s desired demographic. It also matched the previous record in adults and females 18-34, which means pretty much across the board, the episode kicked Nielsen butt.

Possibly the best news about this is the fact that Supernatural was able to pull those ratings without a lead-in. Smallville did not air last night, and a re-run of second season’s Night Shifter ran in its place. What this will mean for the show’s future time-slot switch with Reaper is unknown at this point, but it does give a slim hope that Supernatural re-runs might grace the CW’s schedule after all.


2 Responses to ““Jus In Bello” Scores Season-High Numbers”

  1. GO SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes! I’m soo happy 🙂 Supernatural is the best show on TV and really deserves these ratings!!! Let’s hope we do get our reruns – maybe the network could show reruns of the first/second seasons also… *hopes*

    GO SPN!!!


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