News: Send A Letter To Eric Kripke

from deviant_dev:

Okay, after careful deliberations with friends, I have decided to try a little something fun. Everyone has things they want to say to Kripke about episodes past, episode ideas, etc. Some of you just want to thank him for his amazing show, the casting, etc. Whatever it is you want to say to him, you can do it here & now!

That’s right. I’m collecting letters from the fans for Eric Kripke.

The letters will be printed out, organized by episode/content and mailed directly to Kripke Enterprises in California. (Tentative date: April 16th. – Just in time for Kripke’s birthday, so birthday wishes are fine, too.)

More information and details on the project can be found here, as well as letter-writing guidelines.


12 Responses to “News: Send A Letter To Eric Kripke”

  1. Screaming Banshees from Irish folklore!
    Banshee “Supernatural” possibilities?
    From Edwin Earl Geer Sr.

    noun: From Irish folklore, a spirit in the form of a wailing woman who appears
    to or is heard by members of a family as a sign that one of them is about to die.
    Perhaps supernatural goings on at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago when
    the Chicago River runs green and the streets run red.

  2. hi im shanna and im your #1 fan and i think you are dead sexy. would you give us the season of supernatural? pertty please??????????!!!!!!!!!!!well i have to go. love ya

  3. I just wante to say, Eric Kripke, thank you for a great season. I loved the season Finally. Just to see Dean smile like that, it was worth the wait. I so glad that it left on a happy note. I can’t wait till season three. One other thing I wanted to say – PLEASE don’t pair up Dean and Jo. She is so wrong for him and it’s not that kind of show. I stopped watching Grey’s anatomy because of all the silly pairing of people up. It became a soap opera. If you want to pair him up with someone, anyboy else but her. She’s an awful actress and I hate the episodes that she’s was in on season two. It’s just a suggestion.

  4. Hey,my name is Anna.I have watched both the seasons of supernatural.i think it was superb.i am a huge fan of Jensen Ackles.He is very handsome.i wish Jensen ackles good luck for his future.

  5. Hey!
    Great Show! Love that the boys are from Kansas.
    Keep up the good work. By the way you have perfect actors for the role of Sam and Dean!

  6. Hey, just wsant to say, amazing show! i have just finished watching season 2 in england, and it was amazing. Believe it or not, as soon as i wattched one episode of Supernatural i was actually hooked!
    i think i’m going to buy the season 1 box set and catch up… keep up the good work and i’m sure many other fans out there are supporting you too!!!
    luv Ushani

  7. Hey, just wanted to say, wonderful show! I have just finished watching season 2 in England, and it was AMAZING. Believe it or not, as soon as I watched one episode of Supernatural I was actually hooked! I missed out on season 1 and half of season 2 so I’m a new fan, but I’m already really obsessed! Also, brilliant casting of the characters; Jensen Ackles is the perfect ‘Dean’ and I can’t imagine anyone else playing a better ‘Sam’ than Jared Padalecki. And they are both seriously good looking which helped me persuade 10 people to watch supernatural. Great technique. I’m going to buy the season 1 box set and catch up with the episodes i’ve missed! Keep up the amazingly good work and I (and many other fans out there) are supporting you!!!Also, I have a suggestion for a soundtrack for one of your episodes. Hoobastank – Crawling in the Dark; its the perfect song. It will go really well with Supernatural. Speaking of soundtracks, I felt honoured to hear a British band in one of your episodes,(Hunted – Season 2). It was Muse – Supermassive Black Hole.Can’t wait to watch season 3 next year (yep, I have to wait until February to see Season 3 in England. How annoying and unfair is that?) I’m sure you are an inspiration to all Supernatural fans out there. Well, Good luck with season 3, and if you will be filming a season 4, good luck for that too!
    luv Ushani 🙂
    xoxox (a humble fan of the most amazing show called Supernatural)

  8. hi i love supernatural.. love ya

    chelley xox0

  9. Hi Eric,
    Or should I call you Mr. Kripke? I have written an episode for Supernatural and I wondered if you you would take the time to read it? I know you are busy, however I watch the show,and have tailored my episode accordingly. Hopefully you will find it interesting, and worthy of consideration. Thanks for your time, and incidentally, I was born 4/25. Sincerely, Suzet Forrest

  10. Dear Mr. Kripke,
    I just want to let you know that the idea of Supernatural is a stroke of genius. It is absolutely my favorite show on tv.
    I am a writer myself who published my own fictional novel, titled ‘When the Vow Breaks’. Jensen has inspired a character in the novel and the sequel to the first.
    I, myself is always coming up with new ideas in my head for something and this show just springboards so many ideas.
    One idea is since the fans love the show and the origins of the Winchester family and with the comic books telling us stories about how John and his boys got into hunting demons and the dark side. How about a show where we can put those comic book ideas into a one hour program. Even in the format of animation airing the hour before or the hour after Supernatural.
    It would give us great insight on how John learned all the tricks of the trade then passed it on to his boys in a visual conception.
    Yet, I have so many more ideas I would love to share with you and your team on Supernatural episodes itself.
    With a show like this you can have the world in the palm of your hands with fresh ideas, yet it is a shame to end it in it’s 5th season from what I read in an interview you gave . But I do understand completely where you feel it’s best to do it that way.
    I am not sure of the possiblity or the certainty that you may get this but I would appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time and patience.

  11. Dear Mr. Kripke,

    Although you must get these messages all the time but an associate and I have proposed between us a game that would be perfect for Supernatural and was wondering if you were considering going down this avenue. With this new avenue, this game can obtain new fans to the Supernatural series while giving existing fans a new experience and view of what Supernatural can offer. Although good games can sell themselves, the game that we have considered with its unique single and co-operative game play and online functions combined with your ideal storylines could open new revenues for the Supernatural franchise. Although the last message was sent over a year ago and this site may no longer be monitored, we would really appreciate some feedback or a chance to pitch this idea to yourself or to the Supernatural’s board of directors, as gaming is the fastest growing form of entertaining media with near unlimited potential.

    Looking forward to your reply and thank you for your time and patience.

  12. I didn’t get to watch all of season 12 yet and most of the season isn’t out yet but if noting happens to marry then you guys should work on the family thing. It would be really interesting to bring back a bit of the 4th season with the whole demon blood thing. I talked to many other people and we all agree that season 4 and 5 are the best seasons. It seems lately that supernatural is all over the place i mean i love it but its way more interseting to stay focus of one topic thats what made the old episodes so good i know theres alot going on but in season 12 episode 3 everything is happening and its too much for one episode and then theres not much to that episode. An idea that would be good is at the end of season 12 or begging of season 13 you should give sam and dean an option to bring back their father meaning Marry will get to see him. It would be interesting because the bothers had to much lost in their family and now its time to bring back the family. But doing so bring back John would meaning also bring back the yellow eyed demon. Since John gave him his soul the demon knew that someday the brothers would try and bring him back so for insurence if he ever failed and did die he would have a chance of coming back. Dean and Sam expect the offer (maybe not knowing the consequences or knowing them but not caring because they been through so much they thought they can take the demon again but like a piece of pie this time.) John comes back remembering fully everything and knowing what year is it and everything expect for knowing Mary is alive and that the boys are the best hunters around he learns all they’ve been through when dean and sam waits for Johns surprise to come they introduce him to Castile and catches him up on everything then they get to the part about a miracle happening. Mary walks in John doesn’t believe it but when he realizes its really her he cry in her arms. All he wanted came back to him (You could work on something like that) Mean while the yellow eyed demon is free and he knows that he’s whole plan for lucifer didn’t work but he now has a new plan involving Sam. Dean John Mary and Sam all knew he was back and working on finding him before he made so much trouble once again. Sam starts his premonitions and again but does’t tell Dean until he’s with his family Sam he gets a premonition it’s about the yellow eyed demon killing John (something like that) knowing he could prevent it he tells them that he has them again. Dean knew something was up and expect sam to start having permissions again since it involves the yellow eyed demon being alive. Mary worries because she did;t know about sams powers. Later on Sam gets a choice to join the demon or let Dean die (or to bring back Jessica) he chooses the demon thinking that maybe he could take him once he gets him alone but then the demon gets ahold of him and sams back to his demon blood powers and working for the demon being blinded by the lust for demon blood and how much he missed and craved it. John, Mary and Dean works on a plan to get sam back until they find out what sam is up to and it scares them. It becomes so bad that The family decides that maybe they should end sam because he wouldn’t want this for him self. Dean freaks he tells them that there has to be a way because Sam is his home and without sam he’s nothing. They all convince themselves that sam needs saving. Then (getting to the part in season 4 finally when same eyes turn black (need to learn about that)) Sam eyes turn black because he’s so powerful (things go down) it comes to conclusion that Mary decides to make a deal with the demon, know how much he loves deals Mary exchanges sams freedom for her death the demon agrees but only if John goes with her. Then Dean starts to grieving he doesn’t know what to do then he gets to sam. Sam breaks free and realizes what is happening with his demon powers (since he’s so strong and demons feared him) he saves his parents then he puts the demon in a cage not killing him because they aren’t sure if he’ll resurrect (just like lucifer they could kill him but the choose to lock him away instead) meaning sam still has full powers and he likes it he wanted to still have them. Dean try to convince sam to stop but Mary and John thinks that since its apart of him and that so many things happened to their family for sam powers that he should not run away from them that he should use it for good. Dean doesn’t agree but goes along with it because its what the others want except Castile too. They know something bad bounds to happen with that kind of evil. (No one “close” like Sam, Castile, Dean, Mary or John should die because to end the series if so? then everyone wouldn’t be happy with the ending and since they lost so much they should’t have to loose it again they prove the “every hunter has the same fate and the hunters can’t be happy or have a family wrong) It feels like a lot of answers were not answered in the early season and it’s time to give them it is really how the series started and it should end this way and its ruling out of ideas i find and it would be great to see some of the old stuff again because everyone misses it!! and the series needs that kind of action again!! not involving just saving the word but saving themselves and their family like they once couldn’t and that becomes the tale of the Winchester family. They really decide to stop hunting because they have their family and the won’t risk loosing it again ( Dean maybe goes back to Lisa and she welcomes him with open arms so does her son he promises no hunting. Sam (if Jessica comes back gets back together with her tells her everything the year and stuff she stills loves sam and he loves her (married?) (kids?) (go back into law?) John and Mary gets a house they all live near each other and they are all happy! (the monsters and demons hear of the news of no more winchesters) Early in the season they learn the mark of the British man of letter and knows when theres monster and demons around. (Could stay in business?) Need the season with answer but not to a “perfect peaceful” ending make it satisfying (but the idea of them settling is a good one?

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