Possible Misinformation

There have been numerous comments (since deleted) by the same poster trying to spread a rumor (as far as I know, anyway) that Jensen Ackles has gotten married to someone named Stephanie Ware.

I have researched this on other websites only to find out the same individual is posting this information literally *all over the internet.*

As far as I am aware, Jensen Ackles is not married, and until a reputable source confirms it, all further references to this matter will be deleted.

SPN TV Admin


6 Responses to “Possible Misinformation”

  1. vanessa Says:

    There is a girl on yahoo answers named fencha that I believe has something to do with the Stephanie Ware thing. She on there trying to convince people Jensen is married to Stephanie Ware anyway. I do not believe her.

  2. Yeah and she was also saying on a different website thatJared Padalecki dumped Sandra for her.

  3. I’ve heard of this rumour on other sites too. This girl (whoever is spreading the rumour) is odd.

  4. There is a “guy” called Jay on http://thetvaddict.com/2006/07/16/new-cw-promo/ that is writing messages all about.

  5. Oh for cryin’ out loud. This person is clearly unstable. Jensen is, yet again, not married to Stephanie Ware, whomever the heck that is. Last I saw, he was actually dating Daneel Harris, his co-star from Ten Inch Hero

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