1×13 “Route 666”

I could–and do–like Route 666 for purely shallow reasons. Jensen Ackles is exceptionally beautiful in this episode, and it doesn’t hurt that he has a romantic scene with guest star Megalyn Echikunwoke (and yes, I did have to double-check that spelling with IMDB.), who I am in the minority for really liking. But even that scene has a lot of history behind it, and it explains a lot about why Dean is the way he is, especially in regards to women.

Route 666 also returns to one of the things which I love, and that’s the fact that it works on my paranoia. Some of the earlier episodes nudged fears that I already have–plane flying, for one, and Phantom Traveler cured me of my desire to ever take an airplane anywhere. (That’s a fear I’m PROUD to share with Dean Winchester.) Route 666 does that for me and road rage. I’m not normally a patient driver, but I will be more careful about who I flip off and cut off in traffic.

The episode teaser falls back into the usual format, showing the first victim of the supernatural force and giving the audience the background of what Sam and Dean are going to be facing this week. I mentioned road rage before, because that’s obviously what we’re supposed to think, except for the fact that the victim’s radio starts cutting out, which anyone knows is the sign of Spookiness Afoot ™. The victim is chased by the truck to his death, and the truck disappears in midair.

For once, it’s kind of nice to see a change in the brothers’ roles; Dean is the one being tight-lipped about something and Sam is the one yelling at him, rather than Dean being the one to nag Sam to share about his visions. He gives out the bare minimum of information possible, and Sam gets disgusted that Dean told this old friend–Cassie–about their “big family secret.”

It’s hysterical to watch Sam as he sees Cassie and Dean together for the first time, because the two of them are not great actors at disgusing what’s going through their minds, and Sam is reading the big block bold print between the lines; he knows the deal. And his little “awww, my brother!” smiles are hilarious.

As much as I like Route 666, it seems to drag a little once Dean and Sam arrive in town. They meet Cassie at the newspaper, go home with her and meet her mother, they talk about a disappearing/reappearing truck that Cassie’s father saw, but it doesn’t really *advance* anything. Not even a third death advances the plot; it takes Dean and Sam talking to friends of the third victim for them to even get the first mention of a monster truck back in the 1960s that was mowing down black men–which all of the current victims are as well.

It gets cute again when Sam suggests that Dean talk to Cassie about the truck, and also, “the other thing,” meaning the unfinished business between him and Cassie. In typical Dean-like fashion, he spits out very few pieces of information and Sam–with the help of Dean’s caustic silence–puts the real story together; Dean was in love with Cassie, he told her the truth about their business, and she dumped him for it.

At this point, a big light bulb goes on over my head as to why Dean behaves the way that he does, especially in regards to women. He opened himself up once, all the way, and got hurt terribly for it, and he’ll never do it again. Christ, poor Dean. It moves me to write this letter:

Dear Eric Kripke:

Dean is screwed up enough, thank you. Please to be stopping with the angst any day now. He already has enough issues to run his own news stand. Sam deserves some of your angst too.


And when Dean does go to talk to Cassie, he delivers one of the best written lines ever, that in so few words says so freakin’ much about him. “All I’m sayin’ is I was up front with you back then and you nailed me with it.”

We know from experience that Dean is a one-chance kinda guy; he’s not gonna give Cassie another chance to hurt him. Only he can’t quite help it, because I think he’s still in love with her and probably always will be. Their “talk” devolves into “you said” “you said” and then into shouted apologies and hard truths; Cassie didn’t mean to hurt Dean, Dean didn’t want to break up with her, and they’re both sorry for it. The passionate kiss they share is a surprise to no one.

Neither is the fact that they end up in bed together, and while I have absolutely no objection to seeing this–I mean, I’m a healthily shallow thirty year old woman who has a huge thing for Jensen Ackles–the fact that so much time is spent on Dean and Cassie’s relationship and the physical expression of it makes it more the center of the story than Dean and Sam, or the supernatural occurence that they’re there to investigate. I don’t have a problem with that, not in the least, but it does give this episode in particular a certain feeling of being hijacked midstream.

The mayor’s gruesome death–and that’s a makeup effects shot I never need to see again, thanks–only added to that hijacked feel, because it comes right in the middle of Dean and Cassie’s intimacy, and it gives that sequence an out-of-place feeling, as though it’s not at all important to the plot, when it’s actually a fairly big point.

With the mayor’s death–and Sam’s subsequent investigations–the story finally feels like it’s picking momentum up again. Sam finds out that the mayor had just bought property owned by a local family–the Dorian family–who had also owned the local newspaper and had pretty much kept the town racially divided. They further find out that one of the Dorians went missing during the time of the original string of killings, and the recent string didn’t start until the mayor had the old homestead bulldozed.

When Cassie is attacked by the truck–but not killed–it confirms Sam’s earlier theory that somehow, the recent killings are related somehow to Cassie and her family. After Dean and Sam arrive, and calm Cassie down, Cassie’s mother eventually reveals the whole story, when Dean points out that if she doesn’t come clean, Cassie is going to die.

I’ll spare you the details of the story, because it’s much more impressive to hear it from the source, cause it’s really a great story. But, they know where to find the Dorian man’s body–in the swamp, of course, locked in his truck–and they know how to get rid of him. They dredge the swamp, pull out the truck, salt what’s left of the body, and burn it.

And as soon as they do that? The demonic truck appears, revving its engine and holding them in the headlights.

Dean gets the bright idea to lead the demonic truck away while Sam figures out a way to burn the real rusted truck. Sam has other plans, however, and directs Dean to holy ground. When the demonic truck follows Dean onto the remnants of the church, the hallowed ground forces the spirit to dissipate.

Music of Note
She Brings Me Love — Bad Company (this is the song playing during Dean and Cassie’s love scene.)

Can’t Find My Way Home — Faith Blind (this is the song playing at the end of the episode when Dean leaves Cassie)

Best Lines
Sam: By “old friend” you mean…
Dean: One that’s not new.

Sam: Dean, where are you?
Dean: Out in the middle of nowhere with a killer truck on my ass!

Dean: Maybe!? What if you were wrong??
Sam: Huh. That thought never occurred to me.

Dean: Wake me up when it’s my turn to drive.


14 Responses to “1×13 “Route 666””

  1. I’m right there with you on this one. I’m all for seeing Dean in THAT situation, but the episode dragged… save for THAT scene and the hilarious facial expressions of li’l brother Sammy at seeing Dean and his girl interact.

  2. I Love that Episode! I thought it was really great to see Dean’s vurnable side and Sam was absolutly hilariouse in this one, when he’s teasing his brother. I thought everything was good and that Dean and Cassie made a really cute couple! They had great chemistry!

  3. Welllllllllllllll….. dean is ver very very very veryx10000 hot in this episode, and i would like to say that i have hair EXACTLY like cassies, so if he likes that kinda thing, i’m in business!!!! the episode is great too. but at the end, when cassie is saying goodbye to dean, and they totally pash, the have this random string of goozy saliva between their mouths. ohhhhh, well, its a kick ass series any-way.

  4. I so agree this guy is uber hott, and yes i dont mind watching a smokin love scene but i really do think they wouldn’t work, they are like a song i know but cannot remember the name. I think that they are cute but wont last, which is good for us (all of us talking here) 😉 The man is an amazing actor and he is cute to boot. I admiit i am in AA Ackles annomonus — wow i so cant spell
    Loves it- Em

  5. Stephanie Says:

    THANK GOD someone else feels the same way I do. I LOVE the episode and so agree with the above
    statements. There are so many levels to the Dean & Cassie storyline that could have been told. I hope that the writers/producers will have Cassie back to reveal more about the relationship.

    Yes, I too know that I am in the minority for loving this episode but I think some of the distain from the fans comes because Dean is intimate with a woman and has real feelings and in some of their minds Dean should be single for them. I think Dean wants a family and would welcome settling down as much as he claims not to. I LOVE the show and will be a fan for life.

  6. Stephanie–

    I think you’ve got it right on the head when you say that Dean would like a family. I think that’s heartily evident in the way he reacts to children (Lucas in Dead in the Water and Michael in Something Wicked) but I don’t know that he would ever be able to settle down, especially now that his father has died. In Home, Dean says that what he wants most is to BE a family, not have a family. So I think with John gone and Sam ready to leave when the mission’s over, I think he’d be a lot less likely to settle down than he would’ve been before.

  7. Francisca Says:

    great job:D
    love sam (jared padalecki)

  8. Great job on the recaps! IA that Dean would totally love a wife and kids.. the whole nine one day. And he would be perfect for it too. He is just too damn seexxy. I also think that he was perfect with Cassie. Hopefully they bring her back for more Dean and Cassie hot love scenes!

  9. I did enjoyed “route 666” too,though I’m not really addicted to both Winchester brothers.I started watching regularly Supernatural after this episode and what I really liked in this one is the interracial couple Dean and Cassie.I think they should pair more Black and White lovers on screen like Daniel(Michael Graziadei) and Lily(Davetta Sherwood) in “the Young and the Restless”.I do hope writers and producers will bring her back for more Dean and Cassie love scenes as Sasha said above!

  10. miapocca Says:


  11. The song is different during the love scene. Lyrics do not match. It has to be take me away to paradise. there is no such line in the song you wrote here.

  12. i loved the love scene between the two as well! i’d love to see more of the interracial couples. me as a black woman myself dont have a problem seeing a hot guy like dean(jense) with a hot black woman! its nice to see it that way sometimes on tv. its great thinking outside the box some times.you are sooo hot jense!

  13. sassyfran Says:

    Very cool review; its so rare us Dassie fans see any thing close to a good review for that episode. I plan to check out more of your blog. Oh and visit me too……:)

  14. sassyfran Says:

    oops sorry I wasn’t logged in LOL 🙂

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