Did you know P. Diddy is Afraid of his TV?

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I’m sure that by now, you’ve all heard of the dust-up between Supernatural fans and P. Diddy. If you haven’t, visit Buddy TV’s article for a nice sum-up of events.

Reader’s Digest version: Supernatural fans used the trending topics feature of Twitter to tweet #LuciferIsComing and #Supernatural into the top tier of topics to promote the season premiere, “Lucifer Rising.” P. Diddy apparently thought Satanists were taking over Twitter and tweeted back to rally “God’s Army” and Twitter pulled the #LuciferIsRising hashtag.

Enter Misha Collins, the quirky actor who plays Castiel. He has challenged P. Diddy, and is encouraging his minions to tweet that challenge this coming Thursday.

Enter Little McKay and the most brilliant YouTube Video ever:

Make sure to click the video for details of the upcoming battle. If you aren’t already on Twitter join now, and help us propel Supernatural back to the top of trending topics.


Blurb: Supernatural Question in TV Guide Mega Buzz

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Apparently, the controversial inequity of Supernatural‘s hit fourth season is gaining more than just fandom notice.

In the Dec. 22nd column of TV Guide’s “Mega Buzz” by Matt Mitovich, Mickey O’Connor, and Tim Molloy, a fan named “Eric” asks about the inequity and if it’s what we can expect from the whole season.

Mitovich doesn’t acknowledge either side as right, just commenting that people must still be smarting from the Padalecki-less installment “In The Beginning.” He gives a few further spoilers–nothing that hasn’t already been mentioned by other columns–but does give the hint that some of the upcoming post-hiatus installments do feature Sam a little more.


Supernatural’s Angel drops hints about Castiel’s future

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In a recent interview picked up by The Reading Eagle, Misha Collins (Castiel) let out a few tidbits about both Castiel and his future with Supernatural.

Misha Collins as Castiel

Misha Collins as Castiel

Collins had initially been signed for only six episodes, but will be staying for much more. “But the fan reaction has been huge and – this is big news – if the show gets picked up for a fifth season, they’re going to make me a regular on the show,” he says, all due to the fannish reaction to his heavenly presence. “And I think that’s in large part due to the fan reaction, which has been really amazingly supportive and somewhat obsessive.”

Supernatural fans, obsessive? Oh, Misha. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

When asked about Castiel’s motivations, Collins is honest; “I’m not entirely informed as to what his future holds for him…” but he has several ideas of his own as to what motivates the angel.

“I would like to think that Castiel is a good guy in a bad situation,” is Collins’ appraisal of Castiel. “In my mind Castiel is starting to develop an admiration for Dean and the stance that Dean seems to stake out as he goes along,” he adds.

(source: Reading Eagle)

TV Guide (And Fans) Are Thankful For The Winchesters

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In honor of the American Thanksgiving, coming up in only a few short days, TV Guide has posted their photo gallery of “TV Characters We’re Thankful For.” The CW made out well on the list, seeing as how the point of the gallery is “Before Turkey Day, take a moment to admire the sexy stars who make watching TV such a pleasure.”

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, image courtesy of TV Guide

This pair of brooding brothers are ruggedly handsome, but what sets them apart is their continual willingness to battle all sorts of ridiculous baddies. Everyone loves a hero, right?, image courtesy of TV Guide

Sam and Dean Winchester made the list at 17 of 19, while three other CW shows–Smallville, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girls also made the list at 3, 2, and 15.

Find the whole gallery here

Supernatural Showing Ratings Gains; All Others Showing Losses

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Andreas @ LJ)

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star in Supernatural (photo credit: Andreas @ LJ)

Supernatural fans, rejoice. Looks like all of our hard work has been paying off. According to a recent SyFy Portal article, out of the five “genre” shows that have returned to network television, Supernatural is the only one to post a gain.

The five shows that have returned are Supernatural, fellow CW entry Smallville, ABC’s Pushing Daisies and NBC’s double entry of Heroes and Chuck.

According to the Nielsen Media numbers, Supernatural has gained 16% more viewership over the past ten weeks, whereas the other shows have dropped. Pushing Daisies has been hit hardest, losing almost 37% of its audience. Supernatural companion show, the long-in-the-tooth superhero drama Smallville, has dropped nearly 10% of its audience.

SOURCE; photo credit: Andreas @ LJ

TV Guide Interview: Genevieve Cortese

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Andreas @ LJ)

Genevieve Cortese as Ruby (photo credit: Andreas @ LJ)

Whether you love her or hate her, the demon Ruby has become a fairly important part of the Supernatural story. In keeping with the revelations in last week’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” TV Guide is featuring an interview with current Ruby actress Genevieve Cortese.

Warning: Full Article Does Contain Minor Spoilers

Cortese chats with TV Guide scribe Matt Mitovitch in this interview. She addresses the fan response to Ruby, what she thinks Ruby’s motivations are and her feelings towards Sam in particular, and even what and how Ruby is feeling now that she’s a refugee from Hell.

One of the interview’s lighter moments comes in reference to the love scene between Ruby and Sam in “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Mitovich asks if she felt nervous during the scene, and Cortese cracks, “And two, I was more nervous because he is so big and so tough! [Laughs] Jared’s muscles… I mean, his arm is like the size of my body!”

Full interview @ source; photo credit Andreas @ LJ

Sam/Jared Support Postcard Campaign

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Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.  (Photo by Andreas @ LJ)

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. (Photo by Andreas @ LJ)

As editor of Supernatural Television, I try not to let my own biases about storylines or characters flavor this blog, although I’m sure there is more than one slanted article (and I’m not including my recent editorial, because that is obviously an op-ed column and not what I mean). However in this case, I’m going to break my own rule, and endorse this poll and this campaign.

Edit: THE CAMPAIGN IS A GO. The Sam Lovin’ Postcard Project is on it’s feet and ready to rock and roll! Head over, check out the community, and mail out some postcards!